professional cosmetics adapted to home use


KAYAN hair cosmetics is 100% European product.
Spanish technologists' novelty was right to European and Arabic customers' taste and is actively mastering new markets.

The cosmetics is produced at the same production capacity as professional hair products, in accordance with the modern trends of the industry.


KAYAN production combines exactly what a modern woman is looking for: high-tech salon cosmetics which is easy to use at home.

Various active components in every range provide a complex approach for every hair type and altogether work for a visible result.


KAYAN products do not contain harmful parabens and mineral oils. They are intended for everyday home use.
They are specially developed for frequent use, without accumulation effect, hair contamination and making it heavier.

Hyaluron Hair

Simple care with an impressive beauty salon effect. For thin and deprived volume of hair.

Rich Oil

Strong natural impact on the molecular level. For dry and damaged hair.

Keratin Care

Recovering therapy with a beauty salon effect. For damaged and dull hair.

BB Silk Hair

Even shining gloss, noticable volume. For colored hair.